North Dakota COGIC Department Of Women

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Bellevue Area Bellevue Area Pastor Rountree & Supervisor Rountree 198202959 Morning Worship Endure To The End Ministries 198261412 Endure To The End Ministries 198261413 Endure To The End Ministries 198261414 Endure To The End Ministries 198261415 Supervisor Awarded Volunteer of Year 198261419 Convocation Pastor Rountree Preaching 198390510 Pastor Rountree Praying 198390513 Convocation First Lady Jackson and Pastor Rountree 198390512 Convocation, Women's Day Supervisor bringing the Word of God 198390514 Greetings at the Convocation 198390515 Official Appointment as Pastor Bishop Cole and Superintendent Moore 198390516 198390402 198390404 198390403 Supervisor Ministering at Convocation 198390511 Supervisor Ministering and Praying at Convocation 198390517